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What Should You Do If You Have Been In A Pedestrian Accident?

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What Should You Do If You Have Been In A Pedestrian Accident


Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Canada, especially in Toronto. Most of the victims are seniors. People take to the streets once the warmer weather sets in. Walking and jogging may be good for health, but they may not always be safe. Even if you are a stickler for traffic rules, others may not be as fastidious about road safety as you are. Drivers are supposed to be in complete charge of their vehicles and yet, often enough pedestrian accidents result from rash driving. But sometimes, pedestrian actions can be held accountable for the accident.

Whatever be the reason behind the accident, you need to know what you should do if you are a pedestrian and have been in an accident.

Pedestrian accidents can be deadly. These accidents can claim lives or cause catastrophic injuries that may disrupt life, lead to loss of livelihood, and require long-term treatment and therapy. The right action needs to be taken at the right time.

What are the most common reasons for pedestrian accidents?

Any of the following actions could be responsible for pedestrian accidents-

1. Improper use of lanes

Improper lane use is behind a majority of pedestrian accidents. Being on the wrong lane can take a pedestrian unawares especially if you have not used your indicators. Bicycles are the most common culprits.

2. Unmarked crosswalk

If crosswalks are not properly delineated, accidents might happen especially at intersections or near parking lots (where drivers are least likely to notice people crossing the street)

3. Left turns

Even well-marked and signaled crosswalks are not entirely immune to pedestrian accidents. Cars taking a left turn are more likely to hit an unwary pedestrian than when it takes the right turn.

4. Distraction

Using electronic devices while driving is forbidden in Canada. Texting, checking social media notifications, sifting through e-mail inbox can distract the driver. But sometimes, the pedestrian is at fault. Pedestrians who are absorbed in their cell phones can walk into the traffic.

5. Dark clothes at night

Once the sun goes down, it is difficult to spot a person who is dressed in dark colors. It is one of the reasons why most pedestrian accidents happen at night. Bright colors reflect the street light better and hence are easier for drivers to notice.

6. Arterial roads

High-speed multilane intersections are the busiest in any city. Naturally, crossing these intersections requires patience and alertness. If there is the slightest traffic rule violation on the part of either the driver or the pedestrian, there will be a deadly accident.

7. Inept drivers

Teenagers who have only just got their licenses are inexperienced and are responsible for a large chunk of pedestrian accidents.

8. Weather conditions

Sleet, fog, torrential, and snow can make roads treacherous for driving. Visibility can be low and the roads slippery. Cars can skid and drivers may lose control and hit pedestrians.

9. Speeding

Speeding or racing with other cars and not coming to a halt at the stop sign can result in the car ramming into a pedestrian crossing an intersection.

10. Backing up the car

These accidents happen in residential areas when a car is backing out of the driveway. Usually, children are victims of such accidents because their short stature means the driver could not see them while backing up their vehicle.

11. Elderly citizens

Seniors who cannot walk very fast are at a higher risk of accidents at intersections.

What should you do if you are a pedestrian and have been hit by a car?

Being hit by a car can be traumatic. It will result in physical injuries and emotional trauma. Sometimes, the force of the impact can knock the person unconscious. Or the injuries can be so extensive that others will have to call 911 and the victim will have to be taken to the hospital.

However, if you are in your senses and you realize that you need treatment, you can call 911 yourself. Limit your movement to the bare minimum as you might have injured your bones and movement can puncture vital organs or arteries. Pain and trauma can make your brain foggy, so cooperate with paramedics and let them take charge. If possible, call your loved ones en-route to the hospital.

If your injuries are not very severe, then collect the phone numbers of witnesses. Witness testimony is vital in acquiring the maximum possible compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurer. Check if there are any CCTV cameras panning the site of the accident. Video evidence can bolster your case.

Once you start receiving medical care, the focus should be on your recovery. To resume your everyday routine as soon as possible, you should follow your doctor’s instructions and take all your medicines.

Make sure that you collect a copy of every medical document related to your treatment. Documentation will present a full picture of the extent of your injuries. It will have a say in how much compensation can be procured for you. Each document must be signed by a licensed medical professional.

Do not dispose of the clothes and shoes you were wearing when you were hit by the vehicle. Garments and shoes can be presented as evidence.

If you are not able to go back to work, you will need to collect proof of your loss of income.

If you have to seek a psychologist’s help to deal with PTSD caused by the accident, keep the prescriptions or relevant documentation pertaining to your therapy sessions. This can serve as evidence of emotional trauma.

Lastly, we recommend that you get in touch with personal injury lawyers. Claiming compensations is a complicated procedure. Experienced lawyers can handle the paperwork, collect evidence, build a case, and represent you. They can negotiate with the insurer and if they refuse to pay the compensation you deserve, the matter can be taken to court.

Besides, you may think that the worth of your settlement is determined by just physical injuries. But there are other grounds that entail you to compensation such as emotional trauma, disruption of lifestyle, loss of income, etc, and a personal injury lawyer is the best person to guide you in these matters.

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