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    Suffered aSoft Tissue Injury?

    Do you have a soft tissue injury? Find the best legal representation in Toronto and Ontario.

    Do you have a soft tissue injury? Get the best lawyer in Toronto to fight your case. The legal team at Claim settlement has settled millions of dollars for its clients in personal injury and accident cases. We will ensure that you receive the best compensation for your injuries. The best part – you don’t have to pay anything until we win your case.

    • Soft tissue injuries can occur due to dog bites, car accidents and slip and fall accidents
    • These injuries are difficult to prove as they are not easily detected by imaging techniques such as MRI
    • Soft tissue injuries can limit your daily activities or even complete disable you as you will have to deal with the constant pain from the injury
    • A severe soft tissue injury can prevent you from discharging your duties at the workplace and cause loss of earnings
    • Quality medical care and rehabilitation for a soft tissue injury can be very expensive and time-consuming
    • Hiring an expert lawyer to fight your case and get you the best compensation so that all your expenses are taken care of is the best step you can take at such a stage

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      What is a soft tissue injury?

      A soft tissue injury occurs when the tissue in our bodies are stretched to the point that they rip. These injuries happen when there is sudden trauma to the muscles or tendons because of a car accident, slip and fall or other accident.

      What are the symptoms of a soft tissue injury?

      • Localized swelling
      • Muscle spasms
      • Weakness
      • Cramping

      There are a variety of injuries that occur when your muscles and ligaments are forced in different directions. Many people self-diagnose which can worsen the injury. In fact, a simple strain could turn into a major muscle tear if you don’t get it treated by a doctor at the earliest.

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      What are the compensation options available to you in the event of a soft tissue injury?

      The legal system in Canada understands the difficulties a person encounters after a soft tissue injury. This is why it has made a number of compensation options available to people who successfully file a claim

      • Coverage for loss of income
      • Coverage for medical expenses
      • Monetary support for disability (permanent or partial)
      • Physical therapy

      If the cause of your soft tissue injury is a workplace accident then you can file a disability claim. If the soft tissue injury was caused by a motor vehicle accident then you are entitled to disability benefits.

      Remember while the courts do give you an option to claim compensation, it is your responsibility to prove your injury to the court.

      What can you do to claim the best compensation for soft tissue injuries?

      The first step is to choose the best personal injury lawyer to represent you. The lawyer should have solid experience in dealing with soft tissue injury cases. Your personal injury lawyer will take care of the necessary documentation and testimonials to prove the severity of your injury to the court. In cases like these, a good personal injury lawyer will be aware of all the laws regarding the benefits extended to a person with a soft tissue injury so that the insurance companies don’t trick you into settling for an unfairly small amount.

      The need for the best lawyer to argue your cases increases when the cause of the injury is the negligence of a third party. Here the third party will try to get your claim disproved because they would face legal consequences otherwise. With an expert lawyer representing you, the defendant or insurance company lawyers will realize that they can’t use bullying tactics but will have to arrive at a fair settlement.


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