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Here Comes The Sun! 7 Ways You Didn't Know Spring Causes Motor Accidents

Spring brings a welcome respite from the biting cold of the winter months, the snowfall, and the exorbitant electricity bills. However, spring does not mean only pleasant weather, blooming trees, and more daylight. There is a dark side to this season as well. Spring actually has an impact on road accidents.

People think that winter is the time when the rate of car accidents shoots up. Indeed, the sleet, snow, and longer nights are adverse conditions for driving. However, spring too can be challenging and causes its share of weather-related accidents and fatalities.

The hazards of driving in spring

Spring brings lovely weather and the promise of new beginnings. However, this bright and pleasant season is not very conducive to safe driving. Here are a few reasons why-

1. The appearance of dents and depressions

Since the weather gets warmer with the onset of spring, the snow and ice that had accumulated on the roads and streets during winter begin to melt. That causes a slushy mess and vehicles often skid on it and lose control.

Moreover, melting snow settles along the tiny cracks of pavements and roads.  Since weather keeps fluctuating in early spring, the alternating cold and warmth cause the gravel to soften and the cracks to widen. This is how dents and potholes develop which can be a menace for drivers. Driving along such roads can damage the car’s tires and suspension and cause them to malfunction.

More importantly, roads and streets with cracks and dents in them can trigger accidents at any time. Water from melting snow accumulates in the potholes and can make a car hydroplane, a situation when it is very difficult to control your car.

It is advisable to avoid driving down such roads if possible before repairs are made. However, if you do have to take such a road, drive slowly and cautiously. If your car hydroplanes, ease your foot off the accelerator gently so as not to lose control over the car.

2. Sun glare

During spring, the sun rises earlier and sets later than during winter. That is why sun glare is a persistent problem that drivers have to grapple with during spring especially when they drive to work in the morning and on their way home. The glare can be a minor inconvenience but if the sun is directly in your eyes, then it can blind you and make you scrunch up your eyes. It takes a split second of attention lapse for a terrible accident to happen.

To prevent a collision or hitting someone with your car, use your sun visor. Wear sunglasses and try to avoid routes that make the sunshine directly in your eyes. Drive slowly and keep a safe distance between you and other cars.

3. Pedestrians and cyclists

With the onset of pleasant weather, more people come out of their homes to dine out, go to movies or concerts, or simply hang out with their friends. There is a stark difference between the number of people out and about in the winter and during spring. This raises the risk of pedestrian accidents.

Spring is also when many people take out their bicycles. That is why you will see bicycles on the same route as cars and other vehicles. This congests the road further and makes driving more challenging, especially if the cyclists do not follow traffic rules.

Traffic too is heavier during this spring for the same reason. There are too many cars on the roads and streets. Also, many of these people are driving under the influence of alcohol, which makes them reckless and increases the likelihood of accidents.

To avoid hitting cyclists, pedestrians as well as other cars, drive slow and be patient. Avoid congested routes if possible.

4. Inexperienced drivers

Teens and young adults love spring, as this is the season of lazing on the beach, shopping and music concerts. So you will find many teen drivers. But since they have only just got their driving license, not all teen drivers are skillful or experienced enough. This naturally raises the risk of road accidents.

5. Construction work

After a lull during winter, construction work begins in earnest during spring. However, construction poses a number of challenges. It slows down traffic, closes off shoulders, diverts traffic, causes confusion, and workers may stand too close to the traffic. Unless every driver is utterly careful, the risk of accidents cannot be eliminated.

6. Need for car maintenance

Both winter and spring are not kind to your car. Winter wears out your windshield wipers. Driving through snow and sleet can also cause damages to your suspension, breaks, and alignment. The warm weather of spring can trigger engine problems and overheat. And unless you get these issues sorted, your car will not function at its peak. With the arrival of spring, your car will need a maintenance check. Ensure that your car’s air conditioning, engine, tires, oil pan, and coolant are in good shape. This is a responsibility that we cannot shirk.

7. Fluctuating weather

Spring is notorious for its unpredictable weather. Within days of warm weather setting in, the temperature may suddenly plummet and bring a fresh round of snow. So do not remove your winter tires.

Spring also brings sudden torrential rain that can impair visibility and offers poor traction. Dense spring fogs too can lower visibility and cause traffic congestion.

Accidents caused by weather change can be prevented with either winter tires or special tires that push water away from the car for better traction and judicious use of car headlights and wipers.

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